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Fish Oil Centrifuge Separators

Separators and fuel conditioning equipment are part of a key balance onboard of a ship. Not only do they protect your valuable engine, they help you utilize the full potential of the oils you work with.

By removing particles and impurities, centrifugal separators leave what’s essential: energy-rich fuel or clean and protective lubricant. Treatment and Conditioning of Fuel Oil Diesel engines on ships are driven by diesel or heavy fuel oils which are frequently contaminated with water and solids. To enable the engines to work with the minimum wear possible, these oils have to undergo continuous treatment.

Hutchison Hayes Separators are able to remove water and unwanted solids reliably and efficiently from the fuel oil, even under the most extreme conditions at sea. This provides reliable protection for important engine components such as cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings or the injection system.

Under ordinary treatment conditions, we recommend the single-stage treatment of diesel or heavy fuel oils by means of a Separator. At the heart of each separator system is the HH control system. This is a system which is designed for unmanned i.e. unsupervised operation.

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